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Jill M. Arnold, PT, DPT

B.S. in Allied Health Science, Bridgewater College

Minor in Nutrition

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of Maryland-Baltimore

Dr. Arnold began practicing in general orthopedics, with an emphasis in Osteopathic Manual Treatments of the spine, as well as various extremity injuries.  Within her first year of practice, she was given the unique opportunity to join an all Women's Health Physical Therapy practice.  Throughout treating pelvic floor conditions, Dr Arnold became very aware of the 


Dr. Arnold has served as a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), as the State Representative for Section on Women's Health from 2008-2010. Over the last decade Dr. Arnold has spent her time educating other medical professionals and the general public in these unique fields of practice, thru her service:

  • Presented ‘The Secret to Kegels’ to The Kangaroo Kids as well as to the Maternally Fit Group at Blackbird Crossfit

  • Teaching Assistant with APTA's Section of Women's Health, the Herman & Wallace Institute (Pelvic Floor/Women's Health), and The Barral Institute (Visceral Therapy). 

  • Presented 'Rectus Diastasis:  Prevention, Diagnosis, & Treatment' to the Maternally Fit Group at Blackbird Crossfit

  • Presented ‘Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!’, addressing pelvic floor health after cancer treatments to improve overall quality of life, to The Johns Hopkins Hospital Tumor Board

  • Presented ‘Women’s Health Physical Therapy:  Redefining the Standard of care at the AWHONN (Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses) meeting located at Carroll Hospital Center 

  • Presented ‘What To Expect After You’re Expecting’ to the Carroll County Community at the Eldersburg Branch of the Carroll County Public Library

  • Presented ‘Little Kicks Can Bring Big Pains’ to the Carroll County Community at the Eldersburg Branch of the Carroll County Public Library

  • Co-Authored “Effect of the Combination of Strain-Counterstrain, Home Dilator Therapy, and Hamstring Stretching on Sexual Function for a Patient with Dyspareunia:  A Case Report.” 

  • Developed and led support group in Howard County for those who have been effected by sexual and surgical trauma 

  • Co-host for beginner women’s health physical therapy study group in Howard County

Dr. Arnold has taken the following courses:

-Intro to Women's Health

-Pelvic Physical Therapy I (and served as a teaching assistant)

-Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment Level 1 (and served as a teaching assistant)

-Intermediate Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment - PF 2A

-Advanced Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment - Level 3

-Pregnancy & Postpartum

-Capp Level I Completion

-S1 Introduction to Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation

-MT-1: Basic Peripheral Seminar

-Muscle Energy: Part 1-Osteoporosis: An Evidence Based Approach to Evaluation and Treatment

-Craniomandibular Disorders Recognition & Treatment

-Functional Orthopedics I

-Biomechanical Approach to Assessment of Lumbar Dysfunction: Facet vs -----Neurodynamics vs. Somatic Dysfunction

-Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen I (and served as a teaching assistant)

--Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 2

-Visceral Manipulation 3: The Pelvis

-Visceral Manipulation 4: The Thorax

-Manual Thermal Evaluation and Introduction to Visceroemotional (VM5)

-Craniosacral Therapy 1

-Craniosacral Therapy 2

-Visceral Lymphatic Balancing I


Dr. Arnold has also enjoyed instilling the love of women's health physical therapy over the years in the mentorship in numerous other burgeoning women's health physical therapists, has been interviewed for Today in PT Magazine (October, 2012).

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Dr. Jill M. Arnold
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