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What people are saying about Dr. Jill Arnold!

Pain with Pregnancy

The moment I conceived this baby my back went out. I had had a back injury two years ago and I *thought* I had healed it.

Wrongo. 😭

The entire first trimester I was in excruciating debilitating pain. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t drive. I didn’t sleep for 3 months. I cried every single day. I have never experienced such levels of deep pain.

I couldn’t bend- or lift anything. Showering was hard- using the bathroom was hard. Doing anything was hard. I didn’t work for 3 months. I could hardly function. There was nothing at all I could do for the pain. Nothing helped. Not redox, CBD, chiropractor. Acupuncture. Cupping. Massages gave temporary relief but hurt like hell during.

I saw 7 doctors total to figure out what had happened. Finally Ohio gave me answers- and then I was able to find the correct doctor back here.

I had never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy. I am a certified Doula- breastfeeding counselor- I taught childbirth classes for years- how had I never known? That’s why I think it’s important to talk about.

It’s amazing for every single woman- especially if you’ve had children.

My entire pelvic floor- core- back- was weak. When I got pregnant the weakness showed in a big way.

After just ONE appointment I got relief. My pain went from a 10 to a 7 and now it’s at about a 4. Some days it’s a 2 or 3.

She manipulates my back- legs- butt- she goes internally (bunghole 😂/ vagina)- it’s the most invasive vulnerable therapy you’ll probably ever get.

For women we store our power in our core. Our emotions. Feelings. Hopes. Dreams. Everything.

It’s so much deeper than the physical, we need to look holistically to heal inside out.

Each appointment is deeper than the last- and each appointment I’m able to shed more and more. It’s been freeing and beautiful and hard all at once.

But thankfully now I’m walking, I’m working again, my pain is minimal, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. ❤️

Low Back Pain
After months of unknown debilitating back pain, I went to see Dr. Jill in a last ditch effort to resolve my issues. Despite the efforts of multiple ER doctors, imaging, and the care of other specialists, no diagnosis or relief could be made. After just one appointment session with Dr. Jill, she pin-pointed my issues, realigned me, and gave me a regimen that cleared up my issues within a week. I have been pain-free ever since and could not be more thankful for the hands-on attentive care I received as well as the wealth of subject matter expertise that Dr. Jill brings to each of her patients. I highly recommend her services for any of your pelvic floor or visceral therapy needs.


Most of you know that I'm a physical therapist. I primarily work in pediatrics. In my profession, I am well aware of the physical limitations people experience. I also know that most of these problems are treatable. And wellness is a part of what I do.

I'm going to share something that women never talk about. Why? We are embarrassed, ashamed... And as women, we often put ourselves last. So we just deal. Well, I'm here to tell you we should make ourselves a priority.

But maybe my story will help someone get help like I did.

After my second baby was born, I started having some incontinence issues. I was 31. Jumping jacks were impossible, jumping rope, anything high impact would end in embarrassment. So I did what most would do...I spoke to my doctor. She told me that once I was done having children, to come and see her to schedule surgery. Surgery? That was the only option? Sigh. So I just thought this problem was normal and knew I wasn't done having children. And exercise? Well low impact was my only option...

Fast forward to age 36, I had an almost 10 lb baby. You can imagine how my bladder control was at this point.

But this was part of having children. This was normal. Right?

Last December, at age 38, I started running and training for half marathons. Along with that, I ignored the problem that was worsening. Peeing my pants and running was normal for women who have had children, right? So what did I do? I wore pads.

But then a friend of mine opened her own physical therapy practice in April. Her practice specializes in women's health. Despite embarrassment, I contacted her. I was sick of running with a pad.

She said something to me that struck a chord. Stress incontinence is COMMON. It's not NORMAL.

The first week of April was my first appointment. I was doing kegels all wrong. I had to learn. I had a home exercise program. I went once every 2-3 weeks and have been diligent about my home exercises. I am happy to report that I have completed long training runs three weeks in a row (each of which has been at least 10 miles) and stayed dry. I can also sneeze and cough and stay dry now! Little things.

No surgery. Nothing invasive.

So, in three months, I have been able to learn how to do something that is truly life changing for me. I took care of me. I took care of a problem that is COMMON but not NORMAL. With the help of my amazing P.T., Jill Harris Arnold at Arnold Physical Therapy, I can run with confidence at age 39!


After sledding and going over a bump and landing hard on my bottom, I have been unable to pass gas or have a bowel movement for over a week.  I am normally very regular so this had become as painful – or more painful – than my lower back that took the impact. The doctor I saw did not have any suggestions except prednisone and waiting for several more days.   Jill and her magic hands performed massage on by lower abdomen to move things around like they should be moving.  She told me to continue to do the massage myself.  Within 4 hours I was able to pass gas which brought unbelievable relief.  The next day – within 24 hours of that massage – I had a normal bowel movement!  I feel like a new person!  We need to inform every doctor and spread the word about what Jill can do manually to relieve pain and symptoms.  Thank you, Jill!

Women's Health/ Pelvic Pain

I would highly recommend Jill for PT. I specifically saw her postpartum for pelvic floor PT as she was recommended to me by a friend. She has great bedside manner. She made me feel completely comfortable and respected. Her in home office is clean and welcoming. With just a few in person sessions and the at home exercises she prescribed, I felt completely back to normal. Thank you, Jill!

"She is a physical therapist specializing in chronic pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia, incontinence and sexual dysfunction. I've been seeing her for vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia and she gets results! Yes, ladies, there is help for the "unspeakable problem". My husband and I were unable to have sex for almost ten years. Between surgery with Dr. Richard Marvel and post-op therapy with Jill Arnold, we are honeymooning once again after 20 yrs of marriage. Jill has new techniques that my previous therapist did not use and the results are astounding. But be prepared to do the work! She knows what she's talking about and she can help. Believe me. She's also very easy to talk to about any problem you may have, even if it's linked to childhood trauma. She is wonderful. I highly recommend her practice."




""Our family was introduced to Dr. Jill almost 10 years ago when my then high school daughter hurt her knee.  Over the years, Jill has helped all of us with various injuries and problem areas.  Her evaluations allow her to accurately pinpoint the problem and start "fixing" us.  We appreciate that we aren't just put on machines or wrapped in some heat or ice pad.  She starts immediately manipulating the problem areas and designing an at-home exercise routine. Her knowledge of the human body and its functions and structures allows her to explain what the problem is and how she will heal us.  I am constantly bugging her asking "How do you know all this?".  And she does this over and over with whatever issue we are having.  She truly has a gift of healing. Whenever I injure myself, my first thought is not to go to my doctor or to take meds.  It is to call Jill and make an appointment. Our family highly recommends Dr. Jill and can't imagine wasting time with any other options."

Visceral/ Pelvic Pain

"I've had reproductive health problems my whole life, including surgery to remove a tumor and my right ovary when I was 12. Those health issues, combined with an abusive childhood, have brought me to where I am today. I'm 29 years old, and I'm much stronger and happier than ever before, but I also have pelvic floor dysfunction (muscles too tight) and mild pudendal neuralgia. I want to share my story to hopefully help others.

Jill was able to identify a particular area of locked muscles around my urethra that were causing the sensation of always having to go (urinate); myofascial release helped to unlock the area, and continued therapy got me back to a happy, sexually active, and mostly normal life.


I still have occasional flare-ups. My worst flare-up started a few weeks ago. As I was lying there breathing through the pain, I started to feel really relaxed and the pain faded away. But I also felt this feeling of... just total peace. I could feel my entire pelvic floor completely relax. The tightness and cramping released within the first minute. I asked  if Jill had used some kind of energy work. She said yes, that she had given me visceral. We continued the treatment, and I continued to experience tangible sensations of happiness and healing. Even before my flare up, I've never had a session where those areas weren't at least a little sore to the touch. I almost couldn't believe how good I felt. There's no way that this experience could have been due to the power of suggestion or wishful thinking; I had no idea that Jill was going to incorporate this into our session or that she was even trained in it.


Like many people, I sometimes find it hard to put complete belief in things that I don't understand. While I definitely always believed that energy work and whole body healing were beneficial practices, I really didn't expect the results to be so dramatic. I never thought that it would relieve me of my symptoms or alleviate a flare-up. I left the session with a totally different perspective. The experience was really transformative for me, and I have a whole new outlook on my own path to healing.


So, my advice is: 1) Don't give up hope. I used to feel like my life was a constant battle with reproductive disorders, chronic illnesses, and pain, but I did get better and I continue to discover better ways to heal myself physically and emotionally... and  2) Be open to visceral and other energy/body work as a part of your treatment plan; even if you don't fully understand it, just try it!"


Shortly after my daughter was born via c-section, I began experiencing occasional discomfort when doing household chores or moderate exercise that required bending.
During my first appointment, Dr. Arnold was able to identify the source of pain (using visceral).  I left her office feeling like an enormous weight was lifted from my body. I was less tense and more flexible than I've been in years. Dr.Arnold suggested some simple exercises that I can do at home, and the pain hasn't come back.


Nerve Injury

Dr. Jill Arnold is a great physical therapist. I've had a lot of experience with PT because of nerve root injury in my spine, pelvic floor dysfunction and most recently, pudendal neuralgia. She treats men and women and specializes in pelvic dysfunction, pelvic pain and pudendal nerve issues. She also works on spine problems. I see her for chronic pelvic pain and pudendal neuralgia and she gets results fast. I used to get discouraged with therapy and quit the exercises becasue it took too long to see any improvement but she combines exercises with manual manipulation of the nerves, etc. to get maximum results quickly. Cyclists!! This is your therapist. I mean it. That saddle numbness may not go away - trust me. She can work with you on that. She's also a triathlete so she knows a lot about body mechanics and that kind of stuff. I highly recommend her because of her skills but she is really easy to talk to as well so you can tell her your physical problems, no matter how embarassing you may think they are.

~Lisa K

Migraines (Craniosacral)

Every couple of weeks, I get a migraine. When I was a child, I would have one every Sunday afternoon. Children's Tylenol never helped. It wasn't until I went to bed at night that it would finally go away. I have so many triggers for my migraines that I never know which one is causing it. They are debilitating to the point where I have to go to a dark, quiet room and hope that I eventually fall asleep until my migraine goes away. Sometimes it doesn't, and I will have a lingering headache for 2-3 days. Other times it get worse, and I end up vomiting. Doses of Excedrin and Advil sometimes work and sometimes not. Nobody understands the pain of a migraine unless you personally have gone through it. Sounds, smells, light, menstruation cycles, stress, heat, lack of sleep, and lack of food all trigger my migraines or make them worse. Upon visiting Jill and sharing my concerns, she responded with craniosacral therapy and it has worked. I have far fewer migraines, and she was even able to stop a migraine in the process of forming on one of my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Jill!

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