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Aging... Why hide it?

Another trip around the sun brings thought of, well, aging. So many people fear aging, don’t want to acknowledge their birthday, or lie about their age. I have always loved celebrating not only my own, but everyone’s birthday because it is another year that we are still here with one another. It is another year to discover you; what makes you tick, what makes you feel good, what makes you happy, and what doesn’t. It is another year that you get to try to do things better than you did before. Hopefully another year means that you are gaining experience, getting wiser, and becoming ultimately the best version of yourself.

Of course, with aging comes signs of aging; such as gray hair. Some women choose to dye their hair. I love to see the rich colors that are out there worn by some of my friends. Some women choose to highlight their hair. I hear that both of these options can help with the problem of thinning hair. I have done this a time or two, and it always looks stellar. Unfortunately for me, I am terrible at keeping up with anything like dying, and I know I will look like I have a wild halo of color around my head, topped by my true color. Also, I swim. I always have and always will have my love of swimming. I will 100% always choose my swimming over coloring my hair. Given this, I know I will be letting my grays gradually peek out more and more over the years. I could absolutely freak out over looking like I’m aging or I could choose to love the fact that I have been gifted with enough years here on Earth to have gray hairs. Sadly, not everyone gets to age. Not everyone gets to see their kids maturing, having their first jobs, going to dances. Not everyone gets to feel stressed out (I know that this sounds quirky) running kids to soccer practices.

So, I’m going to celebrate aging with letting my gray out to signify that I am being gifted with another day, another month, another year to be here to learn, give, receive, and teach. I don’t know everything, but I do know more now at 42 than I did when I was 41, actually. I was gifted with lots of reflecting time this past year😊. If you’re unhappy in life to the point that you find no need to celebrate, what can you do to change your circumstances to make a life worth celebrating? Is every day going to be perfect? No. Life isn’t perfect, but I’m choosing to find joy in all of the little things – even the sparkly parts of my hair! Anyone who knows me, knows I like to sparkle and shine. Why would I cover up my new naturally shimmering hair that comes for free?!

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