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The one and only body we get!

Isn't the human body flat out amazing? As I'm trying to reconnect my leg with the rest of my body and brain - verbally encouraging (yes, I'm talking out loud) each and every muscle, I can't help but think of how incredible these bodies are that we've been given. The fact that a muscle can tear clean off the bone, be reattached, and then can be retrained to contract and work all over again is astonishing. I couldn't help but think of how many times we look in the mirror and see that bit of muffin top or saggy skin, but now I look in the mirror and see all that bodies overcome. We overcome sports injuries, childbirth, miscarriages, surgeries, car accidents, etc. If we, instead, look in the mirror and take more than a few moments to thank our body for all of the jobs it does without us even being conscious of it, I think our entire mindset would shift. Each of our bodies has its own story to tell with the scars and tension that we hold. We praise our coworkers and children when they do good because we know how important positive feedback is. If our bodies are constantly doing nothing but greatness, but we are negative towards it and always demanding more, it just may feel defeated. So, for today and for me, take a look in the mirror and tell your body you are proud of the job it has and still is doing every single day! Just a little tid-bit from Dr. Jill:)

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