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What is visceral therapy?

Every organ in your body has a certain amount of motion that is normal for that specific organ. There is something called connective tissue that does just what its name says - connects. It connects organs, muscles, bones, and everything within the body. When something, such as an organ, doesn't move right or lacks the normal mobility, that decreased mobility will end up pulling differently on the connective tissue. Since the connective tissue connects everything, this will, in turn cause a domino effect to other things that it is touching unless addressed. What can cause decreased mobility to an organ? Many things such as illness, scar tissue, falls, pregnancy, c-section, and some things completely out of our control - even prolonged car rides. Yes, you read that right! Long car rides can be the cause of a certain organ's restricted mobility or even 'dropping' and causing symptoms down your leg. Crazy! If your leg pain isn't responding to regular PT or back treatments - go further - to visceral therapy. Visceral is largely focused on listening. I listen all day long. I listen with my ears, but even more - I listen with my hands. I can listen with my hands on your head, feet, and anywhere on your body. Trust me, this isn't voodoo! That cool thing that we talked about - connective tissue - because of the pulls it gets from restrictions - it changes the way it pulls in and across your entire body. A therapist trained in visceral therapy can and should be able to feel that pull and pin point where the largest restriction is. Once that restriction is cleared, that same pull should no longer be there. The body is like an onion, with layers to peel back and discover the true origin of pain/ dysfunction. Without addressing the core of you (both connective tissue and organ and general listening), we are missing a huge part of your body's chain! Try visceral therapy! I can help with constipation, shoulder pain, prolapse, rib pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, and more! Tune in and listen!

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