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Thunder Down Under

Don't let anyone steal your thunder, not even YOU! Ladies, you were made differently than men, so your body may require different care! You have an extra opening -- THE VAGINA-- that is responsible for extremely powerful and extraordinary things. This is your thunder, ladies, this is your thunder. While your thunder is responsible for incredible and life giving things, this extra opening also places us as females at risk for greater weakness. Men have only two openings, and our third, therefore, can decrease our stability over time. That third opening; the vagina, can place us at greater risk for prolapse (organs falling through the opening) and incontinence.

So, when we, as females, narrate the same old tales that we don't have time to take care of ourselves or we will take care of ourselves later, we are quieting or stealing our own thunder. Wouldn't that be just the weirdest and craziest thing if the main person in your life stealing your own thunder was you? Wouldn't that be crazy if the person making excuses and enabling you to not find help for yourself was you? Incontinence, prolapse, and pain in your pelvic floor is your thunder weakening, when it is meant to boom and let you be the female, partner, mother, doctor, nurse, teacher, manager you want and deserve to be. I don't think you really want to sit out of playing tag with your kids. I don't think you really want to be teaching at school and worrying about if you are going to sneeze and leak in front of your students. I don't think you really want to be avoiding intercourse with your significant other because of leaking. All of these things are quieting your thunder. Waiting till later in life is fine and can be done, but why spend now suffering when you know there is help available? Yes, I have had 80 year old women come in, markedly improve, rediscover their thunder and always leave exclaiming 'Why did I wait so long to do this?!' or 'I want to tell all of the women half my age about this'. A big part of what makes you female comes from this region. The female pelvis does so much over time, the least we can do is thank it for a job well done and offer it help and strengthening so that it can continue to do the amazing jobs asked of it. You are important enough to be taken care of, and now there are physical therapists who are specially trained and love treating the 'thunder'! A strong pelvis can allow you to find your thunder again. Let pelvic floor therapy help you bring the 'boom' back to being the mother, teacher, nurse, singer, etc that you want to be!

Boom! Mic drop

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